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NHL Status Update – December 2015

We have made progress since announcing that we had received a grant from the ABPP (American Battlefield Protection Program) in 2014 with the goal of become one of only 2500 sites nationally that bear the destination of National Historic Landmark by the National Park Service.   Please check our site regularly as we will keep this page updated on our latest status.

Update 4 – December 2015

We are moving forward with both our American Battlefields Protection Program Grant and our submission to be designated as a National Historic Landmark.  We invited National Park Service managers and historians to a field visit in late October which was successful.  We are moving forward on the NHL and are refining our specific statement of national significance.  Our in-depth research and documentation, covering over 200 years from sources all across the nation, demonstrated that whenever “Paoli” was mentioned in public discourse, American’s instantly recognized that it stood for a national ideal – Americans fight ferociously and aggressively and, when victorious, would treat the defeated with mercy and decency.  This was in start contrast to the atrocities inflicted on Continental soldiers at Paoli.  “Mad Anthony” Wayne’s payback, two years later at the successful midnight, bayonets-only, raid on Stony Point, resulted in over 600 British prisoners and their humane treatment after surrendering.  This, combined with America’s first battle cry, Remember Paoli, created a national value that is a proud part of our legacy to this very day.  In recent years the origin of this American standard has been temporarily forgotten, but our efforts will help bring it back to mind.
In addition, we are updating the official record of the Paoli Battlefield site on the National Register of Historic Places to reflect many of the unique properties and impact of the battle on both the Revolutionary War and upon American national culture.  The National Park Service is working with us to implement additional actions and techniques to protect related historic sites, preserving our heritage and educating the public.  Look for more information on this in future issues and on our website.”

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We are a registered 501C(3) and all donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. To make a donation, click on the link on the top right part of the screen under Please Donate.

PA Educational Improvement Tax Credit are being set up to develop extra-curriculum programs in K-12 schools to participate in living history, field visits and participation in preservation and research activities related to the Battle of Paoli, the Revolutionary War, Veterans and our national heritage.

Businesses are encouraged to contact PBPF – Contributions to this program can be used as tax credits rather than just charitable donations.



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