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2021 EVENT
Paoli Battlefield Heritage Night

6:00 P.M.-10:00 P.M.

Welcome to our first Heritage Night here at the Paoli Battlefield. Due to the ongoing pandemic we cannot have our bigger Heritage Day, so we took a page from some of our past board members and came up our Heritage Night, where you will walk the field and learn from 10 or more stations about certain aspects of the Battle of Paoli, but also about other topics related to the revolutionary war. Listed below are the stations which you will go through at the battlefield that evening from 6pm to 10om. Each stop will be around 8-10 minutes in length. Admission is by donation of $10 per person. Children under 15 accompanied by their parents are free.

1. Overview of the Battle of Paoli
2. Talk from Isaac Wayne about his father Anthony Wayne
3. Caroline Hershel – Famous Female Astronomer
4. Slaves in Washington’s Army
5. Women in the Revolution
6. Sewing Demo on Clothing the Soldiers Wore into Battle
7. British Soldier point of view of the Battle of Paoli
8. Colonial Soldier point view of Battle of Paoli
9. Letter from Warren Tavern’s Daughter
10. Paoli Memorial Association Monuments at Paoli


Ticket price after 9/11/2021 – $10 per person

Past Heritage Day Event Photos

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