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Volunteer Opportunities Available

The Paoli Battlefield Preservation Fund (PBPF) is activity looking for volunteers to help us in many different ways.  We know that your time is paramount and we are looking for individuals with interpersonal skills to help in the following areas.   Our board is an all volunteer board brought together to preserve, protect, and educate the public about this historic battlefield in our own backyards.

Planning and Development

Become a  member of the PBPF Board of Directors.  Help plan the direction and future of the Paoli Battlefield by working on projects and events that help support our goal of becoming a National Historic Landmark.


Help us raise much needed funds to help support our mission of preserving, protecting, and educating the public about the Paoli Battlefield.

Marketing & Publicity

Help us in our efforts to communicate to the public about our events, lectures, and all other aspects of the Paoli Battlefield.  We also need help in creating newsletters and other event related materials.

Event Volunteers

Help us by volunteering at our table and battlefield events that are held throughout the year.  We need people to help set up and breakdown our displays, hand out publicity material, collect donations, and interact with the public.

Event Coordinator

Help us to plan and execute all of our table and battlefield events.   We need people with strong organizational skills and the ability to direct others in following up on specific tasks necessary to complete our events.

Tour Guides

Help us conduct tours of the Paoli Battlefield, recounting the actual events and interpreting the significance of this battle in the Philadelphia Campaign and the War for Independence.


Help us and the Borough of Malvern to protect and enhance the Battlefield site. The meadow and tree areas of the battlefield, have had invasive plants take hold over the years. We need volunteers to help us in cleanup events to help turn the tide in this ongoing battle. Help us keep the battlefield clean and preserve this site for future generations.

Point People

Help us oversee the battlefield by walking and monitoring the site on a regular basis and report any observed violations to either Borough of Malvern officials or PBPF Board members.

Include your name, contact information, and any specific area you’d like to explore. We are an all volunteer organization that needs your support.

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