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2024 Private Paranormal Tour
of the Paoli Battlefield


Saturday, June 15, 2024

7:00pm – 11:00pm

We are sold out of tickets!!!

Join us as Interstate Paranormal Research leads us on a paranormal investigation of the Paoli Battlefield.

This is a private tour and the Paoli Battlefield Historical Park will be CLOSED during the tour to all visitors.

Please use the link below to pay and register.  Remember this is a tax exempt donation to the Paoli Battlefield Preservation Fund.

Tickets are $45 per person

Drinks and bathroom facilities will be provided at the battlefield.  Please bring along bug spray, flashlights, recorders, cameras, and dress properly for the season. We will begin in the sun and end in the dark so please make sure that you bring warm clothing and appropriate footwear as we will be walking through trails in the woods and in grass fields.  You can also bring a folding chair or folding stool if you can’t stand for long periods of time, but remember that we are going to be at several different locations throughout the battlefield and in the woods.

download PDF
Click here to down the waiver. Please sign and bring with you before you start the tour.


You must sign a waver which you can download here and bring with you or you can sign and submit at the battlefield.  No admittance on tour without this signed waiver. 

We have discovered over the years many different “hot spots” of activity located along the trail and in other areas around the battlefield of the 9th deadliest battle of the Revolutionary War.

This battle was a midnight bayonet and sword attack by the British as they swept across the camp of Anthony Wayne in three waves that sent his continental troops off in a panic.  Many witness describe the attack and atrocities committed there by the British.

“I with my own Eyes, see them, cut & hack some of our poor Men to pieces after they had fallen in their hands and scarcely shew the least Mercy to any…”

Lt. Col. Adam Hubley, 10th PA Regiment

“…more than a dozen soldiers had with fixed bayonets formed a cordon round him, and that everyone of them in sport had indulged their brutal ferocity by stabbing him in different parts of his body and limbs … a physician … examining him there was found … 46 distinct bayonet wounds…”

William Hutchinson, Pennsylvania Militiaman

“The Enemy last Night at twelve o’clock attacked … Our Men just raised from Sleep, moved disorderly — Confusion followed … The Carnage was very great … this is a bloody Month.”

Col. Thomas Hartley, 1st PA Regiment

“The Annals of the Age Cannot Produce such another Scene of Butchery…”

Maj. Samuel Hay, 7th PA Regiment

52 soldiers from this battle are buried in a mass grave and there is one that is buried somewhere else in the battlefield.  Wayne’s troops were so incensed at the British atrocities that the coined one of our nations first battle cry “Remember Paoli”.

We invite you to take photographs and bring other equipment to the battlefield for this tour and we encourage you to share your photos or recordings with Malvern Paranormal Society as they will use them in their presentation the following year.  Please email your photos or recordings to

UPCOMING:  Fall Paranormal Tour
October 5, 2024 (rain date October 12, 2024)

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