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Landmark Campaign


To submit a successful nomination for National Historic Landmark (NHL) status by the Department of the Interior.


To raise funds through donations, government contributions and grants in order to prepare a Cultural Resource Survey, historical research and archaeological investigations to have a professionally prepared NHL nomination.


The Paoli Battlefield Historical Park (owned by Malvern Borough) and the Paoli Memorial Grounds (owned by the Paoli Memorial Association) comprise the Battle of Paoli which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. However, its significance in the Revolutionary War and its history after the War of Independence both as a military training camp and the site where, for nearly 200 years, citizens celebrated Remembrance and Memorial Days, support it as a landmark for our whole nation. However, the National Park Service has consistently categorized the Battle of Paoli and its site as a minor and protected historic resource. But, in the past 15 years new historic and archaeological research has proven that its significance, importance and the actual boundaries go far beyond the center-point of the Battle.

In 2010, Chester County secured a grant for $40,000 to conduct a GIS-based resource survey of the Battle of Paoli. This study will, for the first time, identify and verify historic resources (buildings, cemeteries, archaeological sites, roads, etc) and establish the true impact and boundaries of this conflict. However, funds from this County grant cannot be used for actual archaeological surveys or professional services to prepare the Cultural Resource Survey or the NHL nomination. The Landmark Campaign has been established to fund these necessary actions. The fund will be administered by the Paoli Battlefield Preservation Fund (PBPF). PBPF is a 501c3 corporation and administers, under a license agreement, the Paoli Battlefield Historical Park for the Borough of Malvern, PA.

Please remember that we still need your help to fund supporting activities that will make are nomination more successful to the Interior Department.

Help us in this once in a lifetime opportunity!!

We are a registered 501C(3) and all donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. To make a donation, click on the link on the top left part of the screen under Please Donate.

Related & Supporting Efforts for NHL Recognition

  1. Battlefield Preservation Fund grant application to the National Trust for Historic Preservation for archaeological field surveys at Battle of Paoli & related sites. These studies will enhance the knowledge of the Battle and consideration as part of the National Historic Landmark nomination.

Donations and sponsorships for matching funds ARE NEEDED!

  1. PA Educational Improvement Tax Credit are being set up to develop extra-curriculum programs in K-12 schools to participate in living history, field visits and participation in preservation and research activities related to the Battle of Paoli, the Revolutionary War, Veterans and our national heritage.

Businesses are encouraged to contact PBPF – Contributions to this program can be used as tax credits rather than just charitable donations.

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