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Sean Moir, a Penn State graduate is the owner/president of Western Heritage Mapping, which aims to grow the understanding of U.S. culture by providing educators the ability to create presentations that are more effective by using animated maps  .We encourage you to visit Sean Moir’s web site to view other multi-layered animated maps including his Overview of the Philadelphia Campaign. These maps can be viewed on his link and the visitor can access the interactive layering, (different features such as 1777 roads and towns, modern roads, aerial views, important fords and historic sites) and see the troop movements (Blue = Continental, Red = British, and Green=Hessian) on an animated time line. Click on the “Backgrounds/Layers +” to access features. It is incredible! Sean will be working with the Paoli Battlefield Preservation Fund in developing new features to help inform the public of these historic events.

Click the links below to view the following maps:

Please be advised that you need to have FLASH installed in order to run these maps.

Battle of Paoli (Fought on the night of September 20, 1777)

Battle of Brandywine Map (fought on September 11, 1777)

Battle of the Clouds map (Fought on September 16, 1777)


*All maps are listed are used with permission by Sean Moir.  

Over the past 4 years, an amazing thing has been happening in Chester County — an unprecedented number of grants funded by the National Park Service’s American Battlefields Protection Program (ABPP) have been awarded to Revolutionary War sites. Foremost of these are Chester County and Municipalities who have worked together with local historic preservation groups and historians to bring modern technology to assist and illuminate the actions of the Philadelphia Campaign within Chester County. The initial grant was for GIS mapping of the Battle of Brandywine. It involved not only GPS information but detailed studies of the roads, viewscapes, and historical resources existent in 1777 and later. Each municipality had Historical Commission volunteers re-identify structures for GIS mapping as part of the County’s award-winning Historic Resource Atlas program.

One of the many benefits afforded by the Battle of Paoli ABPP study is a more accurate definition of the boundaries of this significant battle that extend far beyond the 60+ acres preserved on the National Register of Historic Sites. It helps form the basis of our future applications for National Historic Landmark status. Please consider donating to our Landmark Campaign which will help preserve historic resources beyond the core fighting area of the battle.

ABPP approved a third grant, for the “Battle of the Clouds!” Spearheaded by the County of Chester’s Battle of Brandywine, Battle of Paoli and now the Battle of the Clouds project manager is Sean Moir, a County employee and independent GIS Consultant. In 2011 a separate ABPP grant was awarded to the Chester County Planning Commission for multi-year preservation plans related to the Philadelphia Campaign. And East Pikeland Township was granted an ABPP grant to study the Continental Powder Works at Snyder’s Mill near Phoenixville. This was the first Congressional approved gun powder manufacturer and a prime target of General Howe’s Army, who utterly destroyed it.

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