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Black Powder Tavern Lecture Series

Black Powder Tavern

Dinner-Lecture Series at the Black Powder Tavern in neighboring Valley Forge, PA

Room opens at 6PM • 1164 Valley Forge Rd, Wayne, PA 19087

We are happy to announce a new monthly dinner-lecture series at the Black Powder Tavern to benefit the Paoli Battlefield Preservation Fund. Each lecture will be on the 3rd Tuesday of the month. All beverages are included with the exception of alcoholic beverages which can be purchased for an additional charge. The all-inclusive price includes the dinner buffet, non-alcoholic beverages, gratuity, taxes, the lecture, and a donation to the Paoli Battlefield Preservation Fund. We’ll be serving a special buffet dinner with dishes reminiscent of those served during Colonial times in our area. Dinner will be served around 6:30 p.m.

The price of the lecture is $54.99 per person, but if you register before a week prior to the event, you will save $5, and the cost will be $49.99. Please make your reservation now as there is limited seating.

Each lecture will be Revolutionary War themed, and will begin after dinner in the upstairs seating area. Feel free to bring your drink with you but there will be no Wait Staff Service upstairs. You must settle your bill for any alcohol beverages before you go to the lecture room. Speakers may bring books along to sign and sell after each lecture so make sure to purchase one before you leave.

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Samuel W. Siegel

Tuesday, February 20, 2024 • 6PM
Legal Piracy & Maritime War
with speaker Samuel W. Siegel

Legal piracy and maritime war were key elements that played a significant role in shaping the nation during the Revolutionary War. The merchant mariners were the most lucrative industry at the time, and they played a vital role in helping the cause of liberty by taking up arms against opposing naval forces. These mariners were brave and determined, and they faced many challenges, including fighting against the powerful British navy.

There were also groups of Tories who fought against the merchant mariners. They were loyal to the British crown and aimed to cripple the British shipping industry. This resulted in significant losses for the British and helped the American cause during the war.

The social and economic impacts of this industry were substantial. The colonies, as well as England, were heavily dependent on maritime trade, and any disruption to it had severe consequences. The merchant mariners played a critical role in shaping the economy and society of the colonies during this time.

About Our Speaker: Mr. Samuel W. Siegel currently serves as the Executive Director of the American War of Independence Privateer Museum. He has an impressive background, having previously served in the United States Air Force as a Crew Chief on KC-135 Stratotankers,stationed at the 319th ARW in Grand Forks AFB, ND. After his military service, he pursued his interest in Psychology, specializing in Forensic Psychology at the University of North Dakota (UND) in 1996.

In 2004, he relocated to Bucks County, PA, where his interest in Revolutionary War Reenacting peaked in 2014. His fervor for historical interpretation spans numerous time periods, and he has been actively involved for over 25 years. Co-founding the AWIPM in 2016, he has since been a major contributor to the organization’s continued success.

Additionally, Mr. Siegel holds a Doctorate of Divinity after 25 years of secular education and practice. For his commendable service with the museum, he has been bestowed with an honorary civilian commission as a Naval Captain. His remarkable achievements and contributions to the museum are a testament to his dedication and expertise in the field of historical interpretation.

Register before February 13th to get discounted price of $49.99.
After February 13th the price is $54.99.


Jim Segrave-Daly

Tuesday, March 19, 2024 • 6PM
Radnor Township during September 1777 through April 1778
with speaker Jim Segrave-Daly

Learn about the vital role the Radnor Township area played during the Revolutionary War and what happened to not only the armies, but the Continental Congress as well.

Between September 1777 and April 1778, the Revolutionary War involved Radnor Township directly. It was the setting for Generals Washington, Cornwallis & Howe through which they marched, as well as the area the Continental Congress’ passed through on its journey westward after the occupation of Philadelphia by the British.

The lively discussion will cover the integral role that Radnor played during this period, from its establishment as a key Continental Army outpost, to the intelligence provided by locals to General Washington while at Valley Forge. It will also include information about prominent locals involved in the cause.

About Our Speaker: Jim Segrave-Daly is a local historian, volunteer with America250PADelco, member of Radnor Township & Haverford Township historical societies, creator/presenter of History for Shut-Ins on Facebook & YouTube, volunteer history teacher at Haverford Township Adult School, & nationwide presenter of history to libraries & civic groups.

Register before March 12th to get discounted price of $49.99.
After March 12th the price is $54.99.


James McKinley

Tuesday, April 16, 2024 • 6PM
Duportail: A Founder Forgotten
with speaker James McKinley

Within a year of his joining the Continental Army in November 1777, General Louis Le Begue Duportail, a French military engineer, had become a trusted aide and advisor to the commanding general. As Washington’s chief engineer, General Duportail had responsibility for fortifications and defenses throughout the American colonies. He additionally served as a critical liaison between Washington and his French counterparts during the Yorktown campaign. His greatest legacy, however, is the establishment of the US Army Corps of Engineers and subsequently the US Military Academy at West Point. Despite the impact of his service to the American cause, General Duportail today is little remembered compared to similar foreign officers who served in the Continental Army.

About Our Speaker: James McKinley resides in Tredyffrin Township and has served on the Board of the Duportail House in Chesterbrook, PA, since 2016. The historic Duportail House (circa 1740) was the General’s quarters during the Valley Forge encampment. Before moving to Tredyffrin in 1997, Jim lived in Mt. Kisco, NY, where he was a founding member of the Mt. Kisco Historical Society.

Register before April 9th to get discounted price of $49.99.
After April 9th the price is $54.99.

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