Paranormal Tour Results 2016



Do you think the battlefield is haunted?  Come out for our lecture and presentation and see for yourself that some things that happen there defy easy explanation.  Join us on Monday, March 13, 2017 as we welcome back our paranormal expert, Laurie Hull.  Laurie will reveal the results from our paranormal tours of the Paoli Battlefield which took place in May and October of 2016.  These tours have shown that there is a tremendous amount of paranormal activity all over the battlefield!  She will present photos, recordings, and personal experiences submitted by her team and those who attended. These tours have showed that we have paranormal activity all around the battlefield.  You can also make plans to join us on our next paranormal tour (http://pbpfinc/tour).

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Battle of Paoli Presentation


Learn about what happened that fateful night, 239+ years ago on the hallowed ground of the Paoli Battlefield.  We will discuss the strategy, people, and why this battle is 9th bloodiest battle in the Revolutionary War (according to the Journal of the American Revolution article ).

Learn about America’s First Battle Cry “Remember Paoli”, The first monument that was dedicated in 1817 and the Paoli Day marches that started that day.  Learn about a battle that was a “Reverse Paoli”, and the outcome of hearings convened about Anthony Wayne’s conduct during the battle.


Fall 2016 Paranormal Tour of the Paoli Battlefield


Private Paranormal Tour of the Paoli Battlefield

Join us on Saturday, October 8th, 2016 from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm as Laurie Hull and her team from Tri-County Paranormal lead us on a paranormal investigation of the Paoli Battlefield.  This is a private tour and the Paoli Battlefield Historical Park will be CLOSED during the tour to all visitors.

Food, drink, and bathroom facilities will be provided at the battlefield.  Please bring along bug spray, flashlights, recorders, cameras, and dress properly for the season.  We will begin in the sun and end in the dark so please make sure that you bring warm clothing and appropriate footwear as we will be walking through trails in the woods and in grass fields.  You can also bring a chair if you want as we are going to be at several different locations throughout the battlefield.

We have discovered over the years many different “hot spots” of paranormal activity located along the trail and in other areas around the battlefield of the 9th deadliest battle of the Revolutionary War.

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Paoli Battlefield August Tour


The Paoli Battlefield Preservation Fund will be offering free tours of the Paoli Battlefield this summer.  There will be one tour each month to help educate the public about the revolutionary war battle that was fought on this battlefield.  All tours on on Saturday Morning from 11:00am to 2:00pm on the following dates

Saturday, June 25th  ♦  Saturday, July 23rd  ♦  Saturday, August 27th

 It was not a skirmish but a battle that featured 2000 plus troops on the British side and 2000 plus troops under the command of General Anthony Wayne.  There was also 2000 raw militia troops under the command of General William Smallwood that were attached right before they made it to Wayne’s camp in present day Malvern.

We will have our tent there where you can purchase tee shirts, hats, blankets, books, and pick up information on our upcoming events.  You can also sign up for our monthly newsletter to keep up on all of the happenings of the Paoli Battlefield so you can Remember Paoli.  We will have our credit card reader available if you wish to purchase any items using a debt or credit card.

Please stop by and learn about the second oldest revolutionary war monument in the country, and about America’s First Battle Cry “Remember Paoli”.  Learn why this was called the Paoli Massacre and learn about the Paoli Days that remember veterans staring in 1817.

See you this summer!!