2015-2016 Lecture Series

Celebrating our 5th year

7/28,2016 – An Evening of Colonial Dancing

Presented by Noah Lewis.  For more details Click Here.

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*9/21/2015  – The 1stRhode Island Regiment 

Presented by Joe Becton.  For more details Click Here.

10/12/2015 – Brandywine: A Military History of the Battle that Lost Philadelphia but Saved America, September 11, 1777

Presented by Michael Harris. For more details Click Here.

11/9/2015 – Charles Thomson: (the Secretary to the Continental Congress) The Man America Forgot

Presented by Bruce Gill. For more details Click Here.

1/11/2016 – Rebellion in the Ranks: Mutinies of the American Revolution

Presented by John Nagy. For more details Click Here.

2/8/2016 – Results of the Paranormal Tour of the Paoli Battlefield

Presented by Laurie Hull. For more details Click Here.

3/14/2016 – Kidnapping the Enemy: The Special Operations to Capture Generals Charles Lee and Richard Prescott

Presented by Christian McBurney. For more details Click Here.

4/11/2016 – British Soldiers, American War: Voices of the American Revolution

Presented by Don Hagist. For more details Click Here.

 5/9/2016 – A Sea Change: Naval Warfare in the American Revolution in the Spring of 1778

Presented by Dennis Conrad. For more details Click Here.

7/19/2016 – An Evening of Colonial Music *

Presented by Charlie Zahm. For more details Click Here.

 *=new date

2014 -2015 Lecture Series

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7/29/2014An Evening with His Excellency General George Washington.

Presented by Carl Closs. For more details Click here.

9/8/2014 – Washington and Lafayette, The Friendship That Saved the Revolution

Presented by Gene Pisasale.  For more details  Click here.

10/13/2014 – Defiant Brides: The Untold Story of Two Revolutionary-Era Women and the Radical Men They Married

Presented by Nancy Rubin Stuart. For more details Click here.

11/10/2014 – Dr. Joseph Warren: The Boston Tea Party, Bunker Hill, and the Birth of American Liberty 

Presented by Dr. Samuel Foreman. For more details  Click here.

1/12/2015 – Invisible Ink Spycraft of the American Revolution 

Presented by John A. Nagy.  Click here for more details.

2/9/2015 – Results of Paranormal Activity at the Paoli Battlefield.

Presented by Laurie Hull.  For more details Click here.

3/9/2015 – Seized in September, the Revolutionary War in Delaware

Presented by Kim Burdick. For more details Click here.

4/13/2015 – The Great Divide: the Conflict Between Washington and Jefferson that Defined a Nation

Presented by Thomas Fleming. For more details Click here.

5/11/2015 – Anthony Wayne and the Northwest Frontier 

Presented by Dr. Michael Gabriel.  For more details Click here.


2013-2014 Series

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African Americans in the Revolution – Presented by Noah Lewis and Joe Becton. Noah Lewis is a Living History Presenter portraying Edward “Ned” Hector, a black colonial soldier, wagoneer, and respected patriot hero. Joe Becton was a Marine, a park ranger at Independence National Park, a counselor, a teacher, a musician, and Director of Visitor Services at Fort Mifflin. Both will present the dilemma of African Americans faced with joining the fight as either a loyalist or a patriot. (9/9/2013)

British Occupation of Valley Forge – Tom McGuire, author of the Battle of PaoliThe Philadelphia Campaign of 1777 (Parts I & II), and Stop the Revolution, will discuss the Valley Forge period that people have forgotten about, the time of the British occupation. (10/14/2013)

Archaeology of the Battle of Cooch’s Bridge, Delaware – Wade Catts, RPA, Associate Director, Cultural Resources Department of John Milner Associates, will talk about the first major battle of the Philadelphia Campaign of 1777, the Battle of Cooch’s Bridge in Delaware. Wade will discuss the archaeology that reveals a hard fought battle on September 3, 1777. (11/11/2013)

Dr. Benjamin Church, Spy: A Case of Espionage on the Eve of the American Revolution by Author John A. Nagy, a Scholar in Residence at Saint Francis University and Founder of the Revolutionary War Round Table of Philadelphia, returns to the series to talk about what he has written about in his latest book. (1/13/2014)

Results of the Paranormal Investigation of the Paoli Battlefield  by Laurie Hull, the director and founding member of Tri-County Paranormal will reveal the results of a Paranormal Investigation of the Paoli Battlefield. 2/10/2014)

Reporting the Revolution by Bruce Mowday, respected local author, will discuss his book collaboration with Todd Andrlik, Reporting The Revolutionary War: Before It Was History It Was News, about the Battles of Brandywine and Germantown. (3/10/2014)

The Battle of Quebec by Dr. Michael Gabriel of Kutztown University returns to our lecture series to talk about the hard fought Battle of Quebec in 1775.  4/14/2014)

Now Prepare Thyself, Pennsylvania by Thomas McGuire, the title, comes from Rev. Henry Muhlenberg, who wrote it after hearing of the defeat at Brandywine, “Now prepare thyself, Pennsylvania, to meet the Lord thy God!” Scrounge around the county with British, Hessian, and Continental foraging parties; patrol the Lancaster Road with Col. Daniel Morgan and Captain Johann Ewald, and experience how they connected; share the grief of Gen. Nathanael Greene, who told Washington in February, “Like Pharaoh, I harden my heart,” while foraging to feed a desperate army; engage in spying with local patriots and loyalists; learn where Captain Henry “Light Horse Harry” Lee fended off a 200-strong British dragoon force, using only eight men and his wits; share the tragedy of Rev. William Currie, Anthony Wayne’s pastor at St. David’s, who lost his family during the Valley Forge encampment.  5/12/2014)

2012-2013 Series

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Spies in the Continental Capital: Espionage Across Pennsylvania During the American Revolution by John A Nagy

Follow The Drum: A New Look at the Valley Forge Encampment through the Eyes of the Women Who Lived it by Dr. Nancy Loan

The American Revolution Center by Dr. Scott Stevenson

The Revolution and the Paranormal by Laurie Hull

The Rhode Island Campaign: The First French and American Operation in the Revolutionary War by Christian McBurney

The Battle of Bennington by Dr. Michael Gabriel


2011-2012 Series

Mapping the Battles of 1777 by Sean Moir

Stop the Revolution by Thomas McGuire

The Turtle – A Revolutionary Invention: The Submarine by Michael Kochan

The British Army during the American Revolution by Dr. Gregory Urwin

Lancaster Road and the American Revolution by Thomas McGuire