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 2nd Annual Fundraising Dinner and Silent Auction

Here are highlights from our 2nd Annual Fundraising Dinner and Silent Auction held at the Desmond Hotel on October 8th 2015.  All proceeds go to the Paoli Memorial Association and the Paoli Battlefield Preservation Fund.


3rd Annual Paoli Battlefield Heritage Day, 9/19/2015

Here is a highlight reel from our 3rd Annual Paoli Battlefield Heritage Day on September 19th, 2015.  We’d like to thank all that attended and appreciate our record crowd at this event.




2nd Annual Military Timeline & Family Event at the Paoli Battlefield 2014 takes a look at some of the features of the Military Timeline Event held at the Paoli Battlefield on September 20, 2014… and those who made this historic event possible and a great success!


Paranormal Tours of the Paoli Battlefield 2014

Tours given at the Paoli Battlefield through and videoed by

Military Timeline and Family Fun Event at Paoli Battlefield ventured over to the Paoli Battlefield for the 2nd Annual Military Timeline Event on September 20th. Re-enactors from Historical Military Impressions represented soldiers from all US conflicts and did a fabulous job setting up camps, in full uniform of the era, and sporting the weaponry of the day. Young and old alike were there to explore the history, catch the live fire demos, and tour the battlefield. The day wrapped up with a stirring tribute to the fallen heros of the Paoli Massacre who are burried there. We thank Paoli Battlefield Preservation Fund for organizing this great event and for keeping the History alive in Malvern!

Members and Volunteers of the PBPF and PMA organizations greet Malvern’s Historic Trolley Tours

One of the stops during the Borough of Malvern’s Historic Trolley Tours, was at the Paoli Battlefield and Monument Park. There guests were treated to presentations by Board Members and Volunteers of the PBPF and PMA organizations.

Military Minutes at Paoli Battlefield – Weaponry

A Colonial Soldier at the Paoli Battlefield explains the use of the Brown Bess Musket, the weaponry used by both sides during the Revolutionary War.

Military Minutes – The Paoli Massacre from a British Soldier’s side.

Getting the point of view from that of the British Soldier and how events unfolded during the Battle of Paoli. Filmed during Malvern’s Historic Trolley Tour of August 7, 2014.

Military Minutes at Paoli Battlefield – Grave Site Memorial.

A member of the Paoli Memorial Association, Frank  speaks about the significance and placement of the Grave Site Memorial at the Paoli Battlefield.

Jim Christ speaks with Mike Scheibe

Filming at the Paoli Battlefield, with Jim Christ, Mike Scheibe just happened to come along.  Mike grew up in Malvern, just across from the park and now heads up operations at Malvern Granite Company.  Mike will also address the fact that his Grandfather was key in doing some of the repairs to the Monument back in the 80’s.

Lecture Series: Bruce Mowday

See  highlights from Bruce Mowday’s lecture on Reporting the Revolutionary War, Before it was History, it was News.  He help wrote some of the chapters in this award winning book.


Remember Paoli! with Bruce Knapp

Bruce Knapp, President of the Paoli Battlefield Preservation Fund gives us some good reasons to Remember Paoli!!


Paoli Battlefield with Jim Christ

Jim Christ, Vice President of the Paoli Battlefield Preservation Fund gives us some background information on the monuments and memorials to the Battle of Paoli fought on the night of September 20th, 1777.

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